Tuesday 11/10/16

Journey by the sea

Tuesday, 11th October 2016

Venus in Scorpio trines retrograde Chiron in Pisces

            Mars in Capricorn sexitles retrograde Neptune in Pisces
Venus in Scorpio quincunxes retrograde Uranus in Aires

Moon is in Aquarius

Mercury aligns with Jupiter

This morning, Mercury aligns with Jupiter creating a harmonious connection. Mercury rules thought and communication so aligning with the planet of luck and good fortune our verbal expressions and interactions flow more easily. It is also a great time to speak up and come to agreements and resolutions, the scene is set for to speak up about whatever it is that’s on your mind..We see the big picture and think about what is really important to us in the long run. The Moon is in Aquarius all day stimulating the desire to cooperate and socialize which strengthens the Mercury/Jupiter energy to connect and heal with others in a harmonious…

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