The Glyph and Myth of Virgo

Cosmic Cannibal

 The astrologically associated Virgo Virgin is a perplexing and ambiguous symbol. The maiden can mean many different things. Taken in its most basic and blatant interpretation, the Virgin simply represents virginity. Now, anyone who knows, loves, or lives alongside a Virgo can argue that their modern maiden, whether male or female, is anything but virginal. They are not unstained, they are not innocent, and they most certainly are not prudishly demure. In fact, Virgo may appear to be the opposite of these things. But the purpose of all the astrological glyphs is to explain in a coded manner the primitive psyche each zodiac sign aspires to unearth and embody. It is a message that needs to be deciphered and reinterpreted, and should rarely be taken literally.


The kidnapping of Persephone by Hades is one tale that seems to cloak a lot of underlying Virgo inclinations. And it is also one…

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