Birth Chart and Sky: Planetary Motion -3

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Your Birth chart is the Sky as you see from earth at time of your birth. Refer the old blog to have a basic understanding…

Old Blog: What is this House stuff ???

We have seen in the old blog planets have 2 motions:

  1. Daily / Diurnal Motion: Planets appear moving due to Earths Rotation (East to west)
  2. Proper Motion: The actual motion of all planets (West to east)

Old Blog (For Reference): How do Planets move ??? – Planetary Motion – 1

See the diagram Below:

  1. DAILY/ DIURNAL MOTION OF PLANETS: Planets APPEAR to move in Sky due to Earth’s Rotation


This is How Planets move as seen on the Birth Chart. The 1st house represents EAST and the 7th House Represents WEST. The 10th house is the Highest point in the Sky seen from Earth. Note that Sun at 12 pm noon is highest and centered in Sky when…

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