The Journey Continues – Falling Leaves

Journey to the Center of the Mind


You know how you notice some things, but they’re like on the periphery of your consciousness? Sometimes it takes a while to really register because they’re not really earth-shaking, life-changing compared to other things happening in your life. I had that happen this year.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m a Sun-worshipper, but also a night-owl. Yea, I know how crazy that seems and sounds, but that’s me. Well, here’s another one for ya…. I love the changing of the seasons. I wouldn’t want to live somewhere that the climate was primarily the same all the time. And yet…. Autumn makes me sad and I loath Winter!

All this was really brought clearly into my consciousness when we were having a really hot August and people were posting on Facebook how many more days until Fall. I never realized how many of my friends are really into Fall/Autumn with its cooler…

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