Cancer Mercury

Katie Turner - Know Your Vibes Astrology

Cancer Mercurys will have either a Gemini, Cancer, or Leo Sun.

Cancer Mercurys have a private mind that becomes active at night and when they are at home. When they speak, the do so from the most vulnerable parts of who they are.

They tend to be emotional thinkers, their mental focus will reflect family or the past. They enjoy reminiscing, so it’s important for them to not get caught up in what once was. They may be more hesitant to open up to people they don’t trust, but if they decide you’re worth socializing with they don’t really plan on letting that go.

Their mother may have be influential in shaping how they think and process things. Siblings may also be a source of emotional comfort as well. Often times these individual will act like a mother to their siblings or neighbors, especially when they’re the oldest. These people…

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