Thursday 6/10/16

Journey by the sea

 Thursday, 6th October, 2016

The Moon in Sagittarius

Moon squares Neptune, Conjuncts Saturn, and Trines with Uranus

The Cresent Moon is in Sagittarius all day! The Moon in Sagittarius forms a lot of relationships with other planets today.The Moon conjuncts with Saturn , squares with Neptune , sextiles the Sun and trines Uranus. This is a day were we see a lot of activity happening around us and have feel very productive but there is also  a vague sense of frustration in the atmosphere!

The Moon’s alignment with Saturn may leave us taking a philosophical attitude to problems and challenges that arise in our lives. We can find our self-seeking a different, new and more meaningful experiences in our lives, but unlike the start of the week when we where seeking emotional gratification, we are now ready to bring things down to earth and be practical as we are seeking a change…

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