Magical, Soulful Recollection-Oct7&8

5D Astrology

Snapshot: On Thursday, you will be feeling only Personal Transits/Aspects as the Transiting Planets won’t be exacting any aspects. Most of them ARE in orb to aspects that are applying to or separating from. Through the night on Oct 7, our thoughts and ideas will turn from work to relating. And Friday morning brings some magical expressions. But mid-afternoon will bring us some clarity around our relating to someone who is misusing their authority over us. And Saturday, pay attention to thoughts and feelings from other lives! There is a pattern here. And to be sure you GET the information, there is some double-magic subconscious clarity to support you!

Around 5:00am on Friday, Mercury ingresses Libra and our planning and scheduling mind leaves the busy world of Virgo for the tranquility of Libra. We will want to relate more!

At 5:26am Mercury at 0:06 Libra Quintiles Saturn at 12:06 Sagittarius.

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