How do Planets move ??? – Planetary Motion – 1

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Planets basically show 2 types of motion:

  1. Diurnal Motion
  2. Proper Motion

Diurnal (Daily) Motion:

We are seeing planets from earth. Everyday we see the sun rising in the east and sets in west. So do the other planets appear to be moving from east to west DAILY.

Note that this is apparent motion – we see planets moving because actually the earth is moving and we are on the earth so we act as stationary observer.

So from Earth, all planets including sun and even the rashis (12) seem to appear to be moving from east to west DAILY.

Proper Motion:

It is the actual motion of the planet – as the planet moves from one sign to other. This movement is SLOW depending on the planet.


This may seem to be contradictory…

Remember planets aways move from one sign to other…

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