Transforming forms..

Hitchhiking Stars

If my writing is becoming somewhat repetitive I apologise.

But this Pluto transit is taking most of my attention and energy at the moment. I can’t really talk or think about anything else other than one of the many Pluto-Moon layers that one can feel being triggered right now..

Yes, finally I’ve got a home. (at least for now anyways)

In the past few days I’ve been indulging in spending time in my new bedroom, specially in bed. I’ve got the mattress from someone else and I’ve been working on putting my energy in it.

I’ve been working on concentrating my energy in this space.

Jolly good.

But yesterday we finally spoke, me and the guy I was seeing since July. He finished the retreat and told me he has signed up for long term service there.

He seems happier  and lighter than before and I’m glad about that.


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