Mental Hygiene Day – Oct 3&4

5D Astrology

Snapshot: On Monday afternoon our desires for intimacy and sharing resources will get a Soulful check. Then the next 24 hours will be some productive clarity around our relating-ships and Karmic fear (3D) OR higher consciousness accountability (5D).

At 4:18pm on Monday Venus at 12:28 Scorpio Sextiles the North Node at 12:28 Virgo.

Here we will feel some Soulful tugs that want us to approach our intimate (Scorpio) relating (Venus) from a Soul perspective. How do we ‘serve’ our intimate partners? How do we relate without trying to possess? How do we balance service and giving? And don’t forget Scorpio demands integrity and honesty.

At 12:59pm on Tuesday the Sun at 11:53 Libra Sextiles Saturn at 11:53 Sagittarius.

Here we will have clarity around how our relating to others fits the big picture of us all as one big global family. Or we will be how we need to create…

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