Help! I’m morphing into a different person!

Practical Astrology

It is usually a big deal when our natal sun progressed into another sign (or house. However this focus of this post is on signs). My personal belief is that such a progression is a big deal as:

  1. It happens infrequently – depending on your date of birth, your natal sun first progressed into another sign shortly after you are born to 30 years year. Thereafter, it progresses to another sign 30 years later. As an example, assume that you are born on 5th April, your natal sun is Aries, which progresses into Taurus when you are 15 years old, and then progresses into Gemini when you are 45 years old, and then into Cancer when you are 75 years old and into Leo when you are 105 years old. Therefore, assuming that you live up to 105+ years, your natal sun would have progressed into a different sign 4…

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