#10 What is this House stuff ???

Divination - Astrology, Tarot, Oracle.....

Well you are told there are 12 houses but what are they ?????

Its entire SPACE / SKY represented on a paper in the form of box…

See earth is a sphere. Therefore it has 360 degrees of dimensions. Any circle/sphere in short has 360 degrees.

Our ancestor viewed stars and planet from earth and used them for predictions. So earth is considered as center. So supposing you are on earth and seeing Venus the morning star – how will you tell others where Venus is located in this particular place ?

Well you would say its in the East .. but where in east ??? So to pinpoint with accuracy we have degrees. Know the GPS Co-ordinates to locate a thing like 24 N 12 E ?? yes that’s a location.


Consider, the center of this circle as EARTH. Lets say NORTH is at 90 degree, South at 270, West…

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