The Power of Hair

Girl Seeking Healthy

Something weird is going on in my world, and I’m pretty sure my hair is to blame.

A few weeks ago, the natural part in my hair–the one that has been there for at least 20 years– inexplicably switched sides. Since then, things in my world have been in a total uproar. Job stress, insomnia, digestive issues, heightened anxiety–all sorts of ups and downs.

I jokingly posted on my Facebook page about it, and I was shocked to see how many women responded that the same thing had happened to them. Is this a thing? Does our hair have life-altering abilities?!?

After so many people commiserated with me, I did some digging. Apparently, there is much more to the hair/mind/body connection than I ever knew.

Ancient yogis believed that hair supports the creative life force, vitality and intuition. When you cut your hair, you lose this. It was believed that…

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