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How mercury work in the 1st House ?

Mercury in the 1st house makes an individual highly intelligent. It gives the individual rich power of imagination, analysis, argument power of oration, capacity for being a successful teacher, writer. poet, journalist, priest, preacher of religion. She or he can be an impressive public speaker, radio-announcer, and newsreader on electronic media, music-composer, songwriter, clerk or clergy.

Normally the individual has good handwriting, and sometimes she or he is an expert in analysis of handwriting including examiner of forged documents or any kind of fraud pertaining to documents. Most of the great writers, poets and speakers have Mercury in the 1st house, or at least Mercury is the lord of the 1st house. Individuals become all the more sharp in intelligence, writing, teaching and witticism if they have Mercury in the 15th House in Gemini or Virgo.

Effects of Mercury.

It has to…

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