Magical, Revelations Get Expressed-Sep27

5D Astrology

Snapshot: Around noon on Tuesday we can expect to have some revelations pouring through and we may speak them out before we even realize it. Or they could come to us from someone else. Late afternoon will bring us some clarity around our relating-ships and intimate desires.

About 4:00am on Tuesday morning, Mars ingresses Capricorn and our motivations go from Mutable (changeable) Fire to Cardinal (initiating) Earth. We will take actions to put structures in place to support the area of our lives where we have Capricorn in our charts by House. Mars in Jupiter is all about philosophical reasons to act while Mars in Capricorn is about providing for those ideals to be implemented in concrete ways.

At 12:45pm Mercury at 17:13 Virgo Biquintiles Uranus Retrograde at 17:13 Aries.

Here we have the 3rd Biquintile (double-magic) aspect from Mercury in Virgo to Uranus. The first 2 passes were: Aug…

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