Complete Number 9: A Mars Special Day: 27-09-2016

Religious Gujarat

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Today, we are going to read about Mars & it’s number 9. Yes, People who born on 9, 18, 27 have their destiny number as 9. They have high ambition in life & full vitality, they often found any challenging task easier than their rivals. But they should use their power wisely, where possible they should store energy & use it at appropriate moments.

As per numerology, there is special yoga on the day of 27-09-2016. Day summation is 9 and whole date summation is also 9. As per Vedic text and numerology followed in India, number 9 belongs to Mars and see the Distinction of yoga, the day also belongs to Mars. The Day is purely a bliss for Number 9 -Mars people.


While discussing with local Pundits of India, we came to know that such combinations in which Planetary effects of Astrology and Numerology…

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