The Journey Continues – So When Did You Stop Dancing?

Journey to the Center of the Mind


If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know I am a believer in joy being an inside job. The external world can bring us temporary happiness through the many distractions that it offers, but the truth is that to be happy all the time, to feel joy on a daily basis, it has to start inside you.

As children, it was natural for us to find reasons to smile and laugh. Why we even found reasons to dance with joy! Now, as adults, many of us only have those rare moments when something happens to cause us to want to “Snoopy dance”. My questions is – Why is that?

It would seem that we should blame growing up and becoming adults. The carefree, lack of responsibility of childhood is gone. As adults, we have responsibilities and isn’t it those responsibilities that make our lives so dreary and…

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