Monday i am in love 26/9/16

Journey by the sea

Monday September 26th, 2016

Moon in Leo

Jupiter and Venus in Libra

Sun in Libra

This is an amazing week to get things done, there is a lot of positive energy floating around, Today is a Happy day!!!  Early in the day, Jupiter the planet of luck and good fortune is in Libra and conjucts the Sun in Libra.When these two come together (and it only happens once a year) it’s a combination of power and good fortune!! So these two coming together really create a magical day if you put the action in and make an attempt to achieve something than the odds are really stacked in your favor. Good luck, power and the stimulation of positive visions of the future.

Venus is in the sign of Libra also today. This is great for connecting with others, having fun, socializing and generally enjoying life. With Jupiter and Venus in…

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