The Glyph and Myth of Gemini

Cosmic Cannibal

Throw away any and all preconceived notions you have regarding the split nature of Gemini, because they are simply not true – at least, not entirely true. No one can possess more than one personality, but their personality can be fluid thus leading people to believe more than one exists. Gemini’s astrological symbol  is a representation of a set of Twins, two lines means two people. But astro-Twins are not merely two people in one. Multiply Gemini by itself and you get the real quantity of persons. Now, astrology and celluloid alike have taught us a restrictive explanation of twins and that there is usually one good person and one bad person (or something similar). The Twin figure holds a bevy of insight into the behavioral patterns and internal struggles of this chatty and changeable sign. But duality is only half of the story.

“Gemini is split between the…

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