#5 Houses – Part 1 (Houses 1-4)

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Well we saw – What and where the houses are located in the birth chart.

Note that there are 12 Houses in a Birth Chart.

Each house has its own significations/ nature/ characteristics.


This is Signification – Like The above symbol in green and stem is SIGNIFIED in English by the term – TREE. So when i say TREE in English – you can visualize the image of tree.

That is Signification.

Like For Example, You may have a Row house, Apartment, Commercial Building, Government Bungalow – Note that a government bungalow represents government activities and commercial Buildings represent business – Residents do not live or sleep their.

So, in Gross –

12_housesWhat does Each House Represent ?

1st House: represents-

  1. You, Your Self
  2. Your physical body
  3. How you look 
  4. Your Life in general
  5. There are other significations too – at present we stick to few important only
  6. Body…

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