Relax, Your Star Sign Has Not Changed!

Holistic Transformation

Thanks NASA, for sticking your nose in on this one. So the hot rumour that’s spreading around the internet (again) is that you are not the star sign that you think you are. There are massive difference between astronomy and astrology- one is the study of the stars and constellations as THEY ARE and the other is the energy readings and predictions based on the position of the planets as they are DEEMED TO BE.
Yes, it is true that the sky at night has changed over the years, approximately by one degree every 72 years. The constellations are in a different position to where they were 2,000 years ago. In Astronomy we are about a month behind now, so we’re currently with the Sun in Leo, not Virgo. Annnnnd now there’s a new sign too -Ophiuchus. Um, well that’s not new, either. It’s just not generally deemed to be a…

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