Irritation, Ease and Magic – Sep 20&21

5D Astrology

Snapshot: On Tuesday morning, our desires bring on a bit of irritation. Don’t sweat it, it won’t last long. By evening, our intimate communications go very easily between us and our sexual partners or those in ‘authority’.

At 2:27am Venus at 25:55 Libra Semi-Squares Saturn at 10:55 Sagittarius.

Venus rules Libra so she is operating in her truest nature: refinement, reciprocity and diplomacy. Saturn has been restricting our optimism a tad as we get used to focusing on bringing about new, higher consciousness structures. This irritation will likely show us that we need to keep our perspective ‘global’ and not just for yourself. Saturn will challenge you to find the middle path that keeps us from 3D Karma. Your desires are what is challenging you. With this aspect, Venus completes her 1-2 punch of aspecting the 2 Karmic Planets in succession. Whatever you saw (subconsciously) around noon on Monday may…

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