The Basics Part ll ~ So I Have My Crystals, Now How Do I Use Them?

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You have selected your new crystals and they are cleaned, charged and ready to go. Now, what do you do with them? How can they be used for healing? There is a variety of ways to use crystals to improve and heal your life.

The easiest way to use crystals is to have them near you and just bask in their energy. Place them around your environment, workspace and home, wear them as crystal jewelry, or carry them in your pockets. Any crystals near you will have some impact on you. Some crystals work better when placed directly on the skin, which enables their minerals to be absorbed through the skin. Some crystals that work best this way are Lithium Quartz, Lepidolite and Moss Agate.  You can use any combination of crystals and as many as you want at one time, as long as you are comfortable with them. The best…

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