The lunar eclipse in Pisces – how is your lunar eclipse day, so far?

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How is your day so far, as the lunar eclipse’s power builds? I have had a very strange day: didn’t sleep too well, feeling scratchy, raw, went into city centre to drift around some shops, could not settle, feeling alternately drifty and unfocused then surging with the need to DO something useful. Eventually got into my office. Various bitty irritations awaited me. Suddenly felt sleepy. Got myself by the ear. Wrote a post. That’s better…

The Virgo/Pisces eclipse season began in mid-September 2015 with a partial solar eclipse at 20 degrees Virgo. It concludes at the end of February 2017, including four attendant lunar eclipses, with the last of four solar eclipses taking place at 8 degrees Pisces. Today, on Friday 16th September, 19.55 BST,  at 24 degrees 20 minutes Pisces, there is a lunar eclipse following on from the solar eclipse which occurred at 9 degrees 21 minutes of Virgo on 1st…

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2 thoughts on “The lunar eclipse in Pisces – how is your lunar eclipse day, so far?

    1. Grandtrines Post author

      You are welcome! 💛 Friday was a bit weird. Maybe I should say it was wyrd. Much potential here, though, and only those who can see it and seize it benefit from it.


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