The Glyph and Myth of Taurus

Cosmic Cannibal

Taurus is represented by an archetypally unflattering astrological mascot: the Bull. The significance of this animal symbol supersedes the bovine’s blatant muscularity and the cock-and-bull idioms one usually associates with it. Bulls have made important appearances in many cultural mythologies. The ancient Egyptians worshipped a Sacred Bull – an animal they believed animated the soul of their god Osiris. And the ancient Greeks have allegorical tales littered with bulls, as they were a symbol of beauty, majesty, and sensuality. So why is this animal associated with Taurus, and more so: what the hell does that bull glyph signify?

8149-150x225-taurus_glyphThe astrological symbol for Taurus

Inside Taurus there is a visceral philosophy which lays the foundation of all of their actions and motivations. And this inner ethos can be recognized in the earth sign’s glyph.

The bull horns … are an illustration of Taurus’ extended sensory awareness, like a pair of antennae. Even though the…

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