Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse: Peace, Telepathy

Fiesta Estrellas


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Lately I’ve been trying to figure out how to incorporate astrology posts back into my life. Astrology is still very much with me, and I am having a wonderful time with it. Especially lately, as this a particular eclipse cycle has brought me into some wonderful places in my consciousness.  I’ve practiced astrology in a shamanic way for several years now (maybe a decade?), and that aspect is growing. Shamans experience time differently; they really do.

My poetry book has been written, but perhaps looks to the end of Mercury retrograde, for its next step/s, who knows? We shall see. I’ve given over certain aspects of it, and put it into others’ hands.

This is a delightful and wonderful autumn on its way. I cannot say any more. No really, I cannot. These days I have journals for everything, journals for shamanism, journals for…

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