More Lessons on the Asteroids: By Colleen Schmidt

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From the New Moon at 8 degrees of Libra 15 minutes!

The Sun/Moon axis for this month immediately tells us about several asteroids that come to the forefront immediately.  Firstly,  this Sun/Moon axis is running with Arachne, which simply put could be the web(internet) or represent intrigue and complicated matters.  A single glance at any spider web shows that the web shape contributes an element of complication, capture, threat or intrigue.  Looking across at the other side of this Sun/Moon conjunction we see the asteroid Dionysus.  This asteroid points out addictions and denials of emotional realities.  And then again, don’t most people use drugs or alcohol not to deal with things?  All of these angles/points are running together within a degree.

If the Sun represents our desires and the Moon our securities, then how do addictions and emotional denials of reality complicate our lives?  Could it be our addiction to…

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