Chiron in Pisces: The Personal is Political

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I may have said enough about these eclipses already, but I want to dig deeper into one aspect in particular which I don’t think gets enough air time, and which I believe is responsible for much of the emotional power behind this moment.

Chiron is a centaur in Greek myth, and an asteroid in the sky. He got there because he renounced his immortality so that Prometheus, who was being punished for giving fire to the humans, could live. Prior to that, he had suffered a severe wound to his thigh due to an accident with one of Hercules’s arrows, at which point he had wished for death but, still being immortal, survived.

To see Chiron simply as a martyr, however, would be counterproductive. It was a good thing he did survive because in the time between his wounding and his death he became a master of the healing arts…

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