Wednesday 14/9/16

Journey by the sea

Wednesday September 14

Venus in Libra

Mars in Sagittarius

The Moon is in Aquarius most of the day, until 10:23 PM EDT when it enters Pisces

Uranus in Aries

The Moon in Aquarius trines Venus in Libra which is very positive aspect. Uranus in Aries semisextiles Mars in Sagittarius. Mercury retrograde quintextiles the Sun in Virgo. Today we may feel co dependent , which at times can be too much of a good thing especially as you become too focused on other people and on what they may think . Today you may try to please everybody  and make everybody happy, but you know and I know you can’t please the world all the time. Some may feel they are spreading themselves to thin, be aware of that and really think am i putting myself out there too much? or do i care of what people think of me too much? This energy…

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