Challenging Clarity Leads to the Lunar Eclipse

5D Astrology

Snapshot: This week is mostly about clarity around the Virgo areas of our lives. But the aspects the Sun makes this week will be challenging rather than easy.

On the heels of the Sun’s meeting with Mercury, the Sun continues through a gauntlet of energies bringing us clarity to set the stage for the Lunar Eclipse’s emotional reset.

At 4:38pm on Tuesday, the Sun at 21:28 Virgo Squares Mars at 21:28 Sagittarius.

Our expansive motivations for big ideas is challenged by the clarity we have around our work/health/service areas. Mars often comes in the form of our man as well so there may be some challenges to your new lifestyle goals that need to incorporate a more global perspective. Or your high energy for adventure challenges your goals at work or health goals.

At 10:44am on Wednesday, Mercury Retrograde at 19:01 Virgo Semi-Sextiles Venus at 19:01 Libra.

Here are expressions…

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