Mercury’s in Retrograde: An Essential Oil Blend to Ease the Struggle

The Herb Walk with Jessica Baker

Let’s be real — many of us are feeling the effects of Mercury in retrograde as we are experiencing communication and technological mishaps.

Usually, I am not affected by this astrological phenomenon that can occur up to several times a year and last for weeks, though right now, I’m totally feeling it. Each project is taking longer than usual, and I’m having to put more effort into being clear to avoid misunderstandings.

When Mercury is in retrograde it is recommended that you don’t sign any important documents or having any dealings where miscommunication or misrepresentation may be heightened. I usually don’t go this extreme, but I do notice that I have to slow down and pay attention to the subtleties behind the words. To help give you clarity and grounding that is needed during this time I love this recipe.

Mercury in Retrograde Blend — Gain Clarity & Grounding

In a…

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