Inferior Conjunction Occuring NOW!

5D Astrology

At 7:40pm the Sun at 20:38 Virgo Conjuncts Mercury Retrograde at 20:38 Virgo.

This is a rather clarifying day where we have our conscious mind and real-time in sync. It is one of only 6 days each year where this is the case.

AND the important part of the Inferior Conjunction is that it seeds a whole new cycle between the Sun and Mercury. We can make plans and set goals that we can try to obtain over the next 165 days or so.

What plans do you feel you are formulating right now? It is never 5D to trust Mercury only so be sure to run any plans you have right now across your Higher Mind awareness. This will help you from falling into the trap of ‘the Secret’ or the ‘Law of Attraction’ where you are told to focus on something that you want until you receive.


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