The Case For Starting With Capricorn

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The Case For Starting The Zodiac With Capricorn?!

Mercury Retrograde often gives us another way of looking at things. Astrology itself is no different. Asking the questions and looking into the teachings of the past are always an interesting thing to do. Sometimes you will reach a dead end, sometimes you can dig a little deeper and fall further down the rabbit hole.

I’ve been looking at relationships in Astrology, not for people of varying signs, but in the interpretations of astrology itself. There are some common links that the Egyptians, Aztecs and Mayans used. There may also be links between ‘traditional’ western astrology and Chinese astrology. So, here I am making the case for perhaps starting the Zodiac journey with Capricorn- in December. I’m not saying anything as outlandish or brash as this is the true astrological starting point, merely that it may make more sense to start there.

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