Scorpio Moons

Katie Turner - Know Your Vibes Astrology

Scorpio Moons have an emotional closeness to intensity. They are often exposed to dark energy as a child, especially in the home, that can shape their psychology in powerful ways.

They form deep and intimate emotional bonds. Often times they they have to learn the value of de-tatchment, though this isn’t always their choice. They are no stranger to loss,and this makes them incredibly strong people. They’re great healers, because they often have to learn to heal themselves.

Scorpio Moons are innately good at understanding people’s psychology. They are quick to understand who to trust and who to watch out for, though they may have a tendency to be more distrusting than trusting. This is because they have a vulnerable interior, and are proactive about protecting it. Their emotional security is tied into the bonds that they form with others. They don’t take that commitment lightly.

Some famous Scorpio Moons…

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