Luminaries, Latin, and the Week

Donna Ellis | Planetary Hours

Monday – Our days of the week were named by Romans using Latin names for the planets. Although the Sun and Moon are luminaries, not planets, the calendar includes them. Today is the Sun’s day. Monday is ruled by the Moon. The Romans were keen on astrology. An upper class woman was expected to know about such things because rulers were seen as descendants of the gods.

The Moon affects the tides of our Earth’s oceans. In esoteric terms, such as astrology, it influences the vital bodily fluids, emotions, feelings and moods. You may observe your own moods and feelings may be cyclical, like the Moon, and may ebb and flow like the tides. 

moon-mumHistorically, some cultures and traditions associate the Moon with male energy and the Sun with female energy. Some who associate the Moon with female energy do so because of the monthly cycle of women. Farmers and…

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