Capricorn Moon

Katie Turner - Know Your Vibes Astrology

Capricorn Moons were probably the kids who could parent themselves growing up. They have an emotional need for taking care of business, being structured, and having authority. Their future security is very important to them.

They may be the type of people who think emotions are more impractical then they are useful. These people typically either had a close relationship with their father figure, or they had a single parent, usually the mother, who had to focus more on work and the career. Now they seek emotional comfort from practicality.

They may have an inner desire for public recognition or a strong career path. They may find their emotions come out on a public front, which can make it important for them to keep things clean and dry. Having a strong position in pubic or having a significant sense of responsibility is crucial for the foundations of a Capricorn Moon.

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