Soulful Clarity & the Eclipse – Aug 16,17&18

5D Astrology

Snapshot: The Sun and Moon own Tuesday and Wednesday as we move towards the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse early Thursday morning. We will begin to sense what is being Eclipsed from our lives in order to make room for the super-charged fresh start of the Solar Eclipse on Sep 1.

At 8:00am on Tuesday morning, the Moon ingresses Aquarius bringing to our intuition a sense of the emotional climax of a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. If you tune into the Moon, you won’t be surprised at what will shift at the Eclipse. Lunar Eclipses act like emotional reset buttons allowing us to clear away old feelings so we can embrace the newness that is ahead.

This Eclipse cycle has 2 Lunar Eclipses: Aug 18 and Sep 16 and 1 Solar Eclipse in between on Sep 1.

A Lunar Eclipse is that ‘I quit’ at the job kind of energy that…

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