Full Moon August 2016

Holistic Transformation

Here we go again, full moon followers! Leo and Aquarius is the Match of The Day this month around- with an almost or weak eclipse (in view of aspect, not effect)!

The Sun is sitting proudly in Leo, its home sign. The Lion is at his peak- a strong summer, proudly showing the mane and outgoing and playful. The Moon moves into Aquarius, oh my days. Lunar Aquarius is the polar opposite. The Aquarian Moon is unpredictable energy- a changeling, a destroyer, a transformer. Aquarius is driven by both Saturn and the Uranus- a challenging combination of logic, reason and rebellion! These qualities stir the Moon’s emotions at this time. It’s the teetering spark between chaos and genius. Leo does not like this, Leo likes to be in charge. It is the King after all, no one should forget this. The unknowing can hurt Leo’s pride, as can the lack…

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