THE SUN KING : Louis XIV & Moon/Venus in LEO


The SUN KING : No one did Moon in Leo resplendence better than Louis XIV

Louis had Sun in meticulous Virgo, and a Moon/Venus conjunction in Grande Statement LEO. In Vedic (Hindu) astrology the Moon sign is given the relevance we in the west give to the Sun sign. Louis is testament to the strength our Moon sign and placement can all appearances his life was one of the consummate Leo.   

Literally he was born a King, named himself after the Sun, and created an incredible role for himself as the star of the show while powerbroking everyone else into supporting cast and crew, and building the most magnificent set/theatre of all time-Versailles, to stage the event that was his reign/life. 

*image- hall of mirrors, Versailles 

To find the Virgo expression don your sunglasses to see past the magnificent golden theatrics to the more humble side…

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