Pluto’s process and evolution

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Birth tends to be traumatic. The power of Pluto’s energy is mostly associated after puberty with sexual attraction and orgasm. Later we may come to understand it as a mechanism of building unity with another in the (unconscious) search for loss of ego (unity). The French phrase La petite mort used sometimes refers to orgasm as “the little death.” The ego understands the transformative nature of these energies and tries to manage, manipulate, or control them. We tend to traumatize ourselves a bit from fear and anticipation during those unavoidable life transformation moments. Death tends to be anticipated in such a way, especially if the degradation of body and/or mind is contemplated as a loss of one’s power.

The keys to dealing with powerful Plutonian energies are:

1. to practice letting go of this grasping at control of what is outside us, behind us, or ahead of us in the…

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