Virgo Venus and Sagittarius Mars

Katie Turner - Know Your Vibes Astrology

Mars and Venus just squared off a couple days ago. Mars represents masculine energy and Venus represents feminine energy. No matter how we express ourselves we all carry masculine and feminine energy within us.

Venus represents relationships. It’s harmonizing energy, balancing energy. It’s who we are reflected in those around us. Currently she is in Virgo. Virgo represents the little details. It’s a sign often associated with criticalness and perfection. With Venus in Virgo, we may be feeling extra critical towards our partners in life. This criticism may reflect our own harsh criticism of ourselves. It may be hard for us to see the bigger picture in relationships.

Mars represents independence and self-assertion. It’s our energy and drive for doing what we want to do. Currently he is in Sagittarius. While Virgo is the little details, Sagittarius represents the big picture. It’s fiery, optimistic, and carefree. Our unique paths are…

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