Venus Ingresses Virgo – Aug 5

5D Astrology

Snapshot: Girls gotta get down to working rather than playing beginning on Friday. By Friday night, her desires will be get adjusted resulting in an ease around intimacy.

Here are the details:

Before noon on Friday, Venus leaves the carefree days of her Transit through Leo for the ‘back to work’ energy of Virgo. She joins Mercury there who is set to enter his Retrograde Shadow in about 5 days time. Both are quite a ways ahead of the Sun now meaning their energies may lose touch with reality. Mercury is notorious for this.

But Venus in Virgo is ready to organize and serve others. She will shine in the workplace. She will want to serve her partners rather than galavanting off seeking her own fun.

At 9:40pm on Friday night, Venus at 0:32 Virgo Ses-Squares Pluto Retrograde at 15:32 Capricorn.

Here are new desires run up against some ‘authority’…

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