The Final Call To Clear Up Those Deep Emotions and The Push To Keep Moving Ahead as We Encounter the Serpent and Old Father Time … An Update on the Mars and Saturn Retrograde Cycles

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Hold It!...Mars

Mars has been at the final degree of Scorpio since Sunday, so be on the look out for venomous emotions that may arise in you as a signal of imbalance or as a marker for any remaining pain points that have yet to be addressed; especially if he is activating your personal chart.

If you’re feeling impatient, angry, resentful, frustrated, restless, scattered, bored, stuck, low in vitality, lacking in enthusiasm, exhausted or insensitive then you may be connecting with this energy.

Issues of low self-esteem could also be magnified now with the current Leo energy in play so watch for a tendency to berate yourself over any perceived failures or tricky challenges.

Toxic emotions; such as resentment, guilt, jealousy and suspicion could come up along with a tendency to self-destruction, obsession and controlling behaviour.

Any final nudges that he’s sending your way are a last call to clear any…

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