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July 20 – August 20

Leo’s love the spotlight.  They make great entertainers.  Usually good speculators, they can often forget there are other people in their lives.  The stock market was created for them!  They are often successful gamblers.  Here in the ‘New Sodom’, Jupiter  is  ascending.  For Leo that means it’s time to speculate.  Trining Pluto in the fourth house in Capricorn, shows investments in land; hotels or anything that involves housing for lots of people should bring a good return.  Do your homework and get out of the investment before Jupiter reaches 25 Virgo.  That would be by August 17, 2016. The Moon in the 5th lends to this.  Also a good time for your partners success. Venus in the 11th with first and second decan Leos nearby, should mean the potential to exploit ‘friends with benefits’ style of relationships.

This should be an excellent birthday for Leo!

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