Sun in Leo trine Saturn in Sagittarius: Integrity



Trying to figure out what integrity means, and then what symbolizes it astrologically was not an easy task for me. I hold integrity high on my list of values, but to define it, I looked to a few online dictionaries.

One of the definitions is, “the quality of being honest and fair, and an example is, She had the integrity to refuse to compromise on matters of principle.”

I like that.

So what symbolizes honesty and fairness in astrology?

It’s Leo season, since the Sun continues its journey in Leo, so that’s where I thought first. Leo is the sign of the lion, the king of beasts, dispenser of justice, fair and equitable at least ideally. The idea of being honest and fair goes with that. And it requires courage, the heart quality Leo also symbolizes.

Today, the Sun is trine Saturn in Sagittarius, and thinking of being impartial and…

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