Hot Love With A Leo.

Words of Kate Rose


The love of a Leo is one that can last a lifetime.

Leo season is from July 23rd through August 22nd, although those born a few days before and after may find that they align closely with this sign because there is a cusp as the sun changes Astrological signs.

Pulsing and burning with rich desire, Leo—more than any other sign—tend to burn just a little bit hotter, because Leo rules the heart, passion and pure love.

This lion of a lover enjoys being center stage and easily commands attention within the blink of an eye. Their natural charisma and charm radiate through their innate animal magnetism, drawing lovers in and mesmerizing them into adoration.

A Leo lover is naturally sexy, creating flirtatious seduction in the simplest moments.

Leo is adept at the game of flirtation and sometimes uses it consciously to have their…

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