Current Astrology: The Sun, Leo and Current Transits

ASTROLOGY by Barry Kerr

by Barry Kerr, evolutionary astrologer

The Sun moved into Leo on July 22.   Leo

Nearly everyone knows their Sun sign, because the Sun, in astrology, represents the core of your ego’s sense of self. Your soul shines it’s light through the prism of your Sun sign, giving specific, dominant qualities to your personality. Other planets, in other signs in your chart, give a richer and more nuanced texture to your personality, but the Sun, as it does in the solar system, provides the light and warmth of your human being.

Through the first four signs of the zodiac, the soul having established itself in human form as an ego, evolves into the sign of Leo, ruled by the Sun. It is here that the soul, as a unique and divine ray of the one light of creator, makes use of the ego to express the essence of that light into the…

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