The Kündig Sun Key for Directing a Chart

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I recently came across a reference to the Kündig method of rectification.  Heinrich Kündig (born 23 April 1909, 9:33 AM, Thalwil, Switzerland) was an astrologer who developed a method of chart rectification based on the idea that a chart should be erected for the moment where there exists a perfect harmony between MC and the planets ruling MC/IC axis.  Apparently this method, which produces ten potential birth times, is popular in Scandinavia and in German-speaking countries but is little used in other parts of the world.  I have experimented a bit with this method and have not been impressed in the small number of charts I tested it against.

On the other hand, in his book Astrologische Prognose, in the chapter Der Wahre Zeitschlüssel (The True Time Key) Kündig discusses a rate (“key”) for directing a natal chart.  The Kündig key produces remarkable results.

In the method of secondary progressions, astrologers…

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