Sand Tables in Action

A different way to think about the players and the dramas in your life?

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After explaining what a sand table was, I’ve decided to show you the one I made for my first novel.  It is an improvised sand table for a combat scene in the novel I am working on.  You’ve probably never read, but I’m currently writing book one in The Sleeping Legion Series.  Anyway, the key to a successful sand table is that they provide you with the opportunity to visualize the space in three dimensions.  This allows you to better describe the field as you’ve envisioned it.

I supposed I would be remiss if I didn’t also tell you that these can be used to model towns, and other generic settings for your works in progress. They are used by the military for strategic visualizations, are extremely helpful with strategic planning, but can be used by everyone!!

My Sand Table


Cups: Akoni Mountains

Green Sponges: Dense forests

Brown Building Blocks: Old…

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