Ready to let go of your self-imposed limitations?



It may be a little dicey through today. The inner planets are active right now. You might notice an increase in anxiety or irritability. There is a fair amount of resistance out there, and if you aren’t resisting changing, your neighbor might be. The moon rises today against Mars, Mercury, and the moon. If you look inward, you may discover you are fighting old ideas about growing (up!).

What to do? This is only going to last a day or two, so you can wait for it to pass. Use your breath, return to the NOW where the thing that you think is irritating you isn’t really what’s got you worked up. But if you want, you can drop into your body and use your intuition. You can decide what you want to do about the resistance you might experience, when you experience it.

Intuition is a common human experience…

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